World's Most Popular Meetings and Incentive Travel Destinations(MICE)

The meeting, incentive, meeting and event market (MICE) is very attractive for the travel industry. According to Global DMC partners, we will check the top destinations for MICE.



Blessed with a strategic location in the heart of the Asia-Pacific, Thailand is a perfect MICE destination that offers reliable, fast transportation, efficient infrastructure and the best diving in the region. In addition, in most countries, visas are not required for visits of less than 30 days.



The Indonesian Convention & Exhibition Bureau (INACEB) was established in Jakarta on March 28, 2016 with the task of promoting cities in Indonesia as MICE destinations and integrating the stakeholders in the country to compete in the international market. As a non-profit and independent organization, INACEB acts as a strategic partner of the Ministry of Tourism in support of Wonderful Indonesia in the field of MICE industry. For the next five years, INACEB focuses on strengthening MICE destinations and targeted market database, conducting promotional activities and winning events through bidding activities.

Sightseeing in Bali

Tanah Lot Temple, Kecak Dance at Uluwatu, Kintamani & The Rice Terraces of Tegallalang, Bedugul & The Temple on The Lake Beratan, The UNESCO World Heritage Rice Terraces of Jatiluwih, The Mother Temple of Besakih, The Artist & The Markets of Ubud

Activities in Bali
River Rafting, Water Sports, Surfing, Cycling, ATV Ride

Team Building

Panorama Destination offers a wide range of activities (indoor & outdoor) for training in team development and teamwork. We guarantee a cost effective team building exercise, activities or business games for your corporate event.

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HO CHI MINH ,Vietnam


Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon) is a vibrant city and a leading business center in Vietnam, unmatched by other cities in the country. The city named after Uncle Ho has many huge advantages and has become a popular destination for MICE Tours. If you want to attend an exhibition in a Southeast Asian country, head to Vietnam and stop in Saigon. Tourism must not only meet the needs of tourism, exploration, and relaxation, but also for business. In this sense, MICE (Meetings-Rewards-Conferences-Exhibitions) is a new type of travel that Ho Chi Minh City is capable of providing services. The destination is equipped with some admirable venues for meetings and exhibitions throughout the season, meeting the standards of international guests. More and more businessmen travel to Saigon, first for world-class conferences or exhibitions, and then for travel. Our organization provides a wide range of support and logistics services specifically for the organization of conferences, reward programs, congresses, corporate meetings, seminars, conferences, product launches and special interest groups. We can help you find the right place and destination, considering your budget, attendees and what you want to accomplish.

‎Kuala Lumpur‎,Malaysia

Preparing for the meeting. Conference room.
Preparing for the meeting. Conference room.

This country has everything you need for a successful event. These include board meetings, incentive trips to employees and customers, team building gatherings, meetings for key stakeholders, and exhibitions that showcase the latest innovations. In the international business world, Malaysia is rapidly emerging as one of the most desirable conference, incentive, conference and exhibition (MICE) destinations. This country has everything you need for a successful event. These include board meetings, incentive trips to employees and customers, team building gatherings, meetings for key stakeholders, and exhibitions that showcase the latest innovations. With well-maintained infrastructure, remarkable economic development, extensive MICE expertise, a pleasant tropical climate and a guest-friendly culture, Malaysia promises a comfortable and exciting stay. With a harmonious cultural crucible where citizens and governments uphold law and order, the land promises customers a safe and peaceful time.

sri lanka


Sri Lanka is becoming one of the most popular MICE destinations in Asia. Its perfect geographical location makes it an ideal meeting point for delegates from all parts of the world of conferences, incentives, conventions and exhibitions (MICE). The convention facilities and other resorts of Colombo hotels and convention centers are truly world class.The warm hospitality tradition of SriLankan Airlines will entertain corporate travelers on their way to Sri Lanka and will entertain their guests with a smile and essential resolution. SriLankan Airlines offers business travelers a variety of customized conveniences, including promotional support, special airfare, in-flight support and airport support. FlySmiLes / Baggage Bonus Program offers exciting rewards for frequent flyers.

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Meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions (MICE) are types of tourism in which large, pre-planned groups are usually assembled for a specific purpose.
Bhutan-a country of happiness! Is not only the last great travel destination remaining in the world but also a wonderful destination for MICE tourism around the world. The pristine surroundings, scenic beauty, and remoteness of daily life in Bhutan provide a very unique and exotic destination for hosting meetings and MICE sightseeing in Bhutan.

Kathmandu, Nepal


Nepal’s ICE tourism has grown extensively and has become a popular destination in the world. Nepal offers excellent infrastructure, comprehensive high-tech facilities and people trained to make the event a success. Top hotels and resorts offer conference halls and excellent meeting facilities that meet international standards. As a business traveler, you have a variety of needs and will cater to those needs according to your requirements. Provides a complete package for meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions. Boardrooms, meeting rooms, transportation, documents and other special needs of the company (posters, flyers, audiovisual equipment, etc.) are all arranged according to the company’s specific requirements.



Singapore is a global transportation, commercial and financial centre, and is the perfect location for conferences, incentives, conferences and exhibitions (MICE). The world-renowned Singapore Exhibition and Convention Bureau has established Singapore as a destination for dynamic business events where technology, people, ideas and technology ecosystems leverage vibrant knowledge and a broad network to succeed. You. Singapore has a solid reputation as one of the world’s leading high-tech conference destinations.

Baku, Azerbaijan


Azerbaijan over the past decade has been the focus of tourist attention. Beautiful nature, rich culture, oriental hospitality, and high levels of service attract more tourists from all over the world. Rapid construction of luxury hotels and construction of tourism infrastructure in Baku, as well as interest in Azerbaijan, the power behind many major cultural and sporting events, focus on the country’s capital as a major organizational location Gathered conferences, meetings, seminars and other MICE events. According to some experts in the area, Azerbaijan’s capital today is one of the 10 most attractive destinations for business events. At present, the Azerbaijan MICE industry is developing. MICE supports both world-famous hotels and local hotels that offer special programs for business events in the capital and the region.

Sydney, Australia


According to the latest International Conference and Convention Association Country and City Rankings (ICCA) report, Sydney is once again recognized as one of the top destinations for MICE tourism. The city is home to Le Montage, one of Australia’s finest event and business conference centres, with a wide range of facilities to cater to the needs of any business. At the same time, attendees can enjoy the scenery, cuisine and cultural experiences.

Costa Rica, America


Costa Rica is a country that provides all of this. With picture-postcard beaches, volcanoes and stunning rainforests, with excellent hotel facilities and accommodation, a reliable infrastructure and easy airline access, it is no surprise that it tops the list for MICE travel.

Malta, Italy


A long-time favorite holiday and conference venue, the island of Malta – and its sisters Gozo and Comino – are located in the Mediterranean Sea south of Sicily. Famous for its
historical heritage, Malta has plenty of places to visit.

Puerto Rico, U.S

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has the Caribbean’s largest convention center, Center Pedro Rossello, which can host 10,000 participants both indoors and outdoors. Luis Munoz Marin International Airport is within a 15-minute drive. Puerto Rico, a paradise for outdoor lovers, has mountains, rainforests and wonderful beaches.

Denver/Colorado Springs, U.S


Denver is a great MICE destination for summer and winter. The Colorado state capital is a sophisticated choice with vibrant cultural scenes and outdoor sports, and a great venue for meetings and events.

Shanghai, China


Shanghai, China’s major financial hub, has a long-standing tradition of MICE business that has grown over the past few years. The city is easily accessible by sea, land and air. Airlink and maritime routes connect more than 400 cities around the world. It is also a very safe city, conveniently laid out and a compact destination with one of the simplest and cheapest public transport systems in the world. Everything in Shanghai is accessible by taxi, bus, subway, tram and ferry.

Belgrade, Serbia


When planning a meeting or business trip to Belgrade’s Serbian capital, one of the best options for accommodation and small events are just 2.5 km from the city centre. It offers everything a demanding business traveller needs, including, among other important things, highly professional, warm and helpful staff.

Tokyo, Japan


Japan is a great place for international conferences and incentive tours with highly developed infrastructure, world-class venues and excellent facilities. The city offers a wide variety of accommodations, a wealth of attractions, great hospitality, safety, cleanliness and, above all, professionalism. With a thriving economy, culture and industry, Tokyo is one of the world’s most populated and exciting cities, combining a strong sense of history with the latest trends and fashions. It has major international conference facilities, such as the Tokyo International Forum, and a large exhibition center, such as Tokyo Big Sight. It is located in the sub-center of the city’s waterfront and has the largest exhibition hall and conference facilities in Tokyo. In addition, each major district of the city offers a unique entertainment experience, including museums, concert halls, art galleries and major department stores.

Dubai, UAE

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MICE with the world’s best infrastructure. Air connection, hotels, venues, activities, events and more, all in one city, combined with the Pacific standard, make it a perfect destination for MICE tourism. Dubai is home to many world-class hotels and resorts, as well as many conference venues. From private yachts to outdoor terraces, landscaped gardens, private beaches, grand ballrooms and convention centres. Not only in the Middle East but also in other parts of the world, Dubai has established itself as a tourist hub. The importance of Dubai as a destination for mice has not only continued to increase the number of Emirates airlines to increase the number of destinations around the world but has also increased their flight capabilities.

Berlin, Germany

Berlin, Germany

Berlin, the capital city of Germany and one of the leading business centres in Europe, has many hotels and sites available for MICE events. One of them is the already famous CityCube Berlin. Berlin, one of the fun destinations for MICE tourism, is located in the heart of Europe and represents an east-west connection. Rather, Berlin will not disappoint you if you are seeking cultural and historical experience and new innovations. On the one hand, you can discover more than 175 museums and world heritage sites, on the other hand you can experience 12 different areas with a unique atmosphere. Berlin is Germany’s capital, but one-third is covered with parks, beautiful canals, and green areas, inviting outdoor activities.

Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland is not only the largest city in New Zealand but also a world-class international destination for  MICE tourism most famous for its stunning natural beauty and vibrant urban culture. Access to Auckland is easy. Easy access to the city by water, air, rail and road. Its excellent connectivity has contributed to its reputation as an incredible MICE-destination.This destination for MICE tourism has numerous conference venues near Auckland Airport, south of the city centre. This city has more meeting and convention options than any other city in the country.

Seoul, Korea


With a vibrant culture and advanced technology, this city is one of the best destinations for MICE tourism to attract more travellers from different countries and is a major incentive destination in Asia You. Located in the city center, Coex and SETEC are two of Seoul’s leading convention centers. As part of the convention complex, there are 12 5- and 4-star hotels, all within 10 minutes of the convention center. The hotel serves as a convention venue for international and corporate meetings and offers the necessary services and facilities. Seoul is one of the most enjoyable places of MICE tourism, incorporating both modern and traditional beauty.

Vienna, Austria

Vienna, Austria

Another destination for MICE tourism in Vienna, located in the heart of Europe and connecting to 179 destinations worldwide. It has a safe and very efficient public transport system. Vienna is the ideal combination for MICE, business and leisure travel. Famous for easy access, safest destinations, beauty and charm. Perhaps, no other city boasts such an elaborate and diverse choice for hosting MICE programs. With three convention centres and over 93 well-equipped large conferences, hotels of all categories can cater to all budgets.

South Africa, African


South Africa, especially Cape Town and Johannesburg, are ideal for conferences and conference organizers. Reasonable prices, metropolitan ambience, mild winters and hot summers, ease of travel, and proximity to sports parks and reserves make South Africa an attractive destination.

Bahamas, West Indies


These Caribbean islands offer guests a stay from corporate hotels to boutique shops to travel. A group of about 700 islands, Grand Bahama and Paradise Island provide some of the best. conference facilities in the region. Fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling and sailing on Spanish galleons are some of the many adventure activities available.



In Morocco, you can explore the famous hospitality and cultural heritage, as well as the hidden Atlas Mountains, the beaches of Agadir and Essaouira, and the desert charm of Ouarzazate. Marrakesh, Fes and Casablanca have 5 star hotels, luxury hotels, boutique hotels and foreign cultures.From Western Europe.



This fascinating region is rich in Eastern and Western influences, bringing cultural heritage, great food and international outlook. Conference facilities range from luxury boutique hotels and villas to palaces and palaces. One of the most popular hotel locations is Sheraton Dubrovnik.

St Lucia, Caribbean


This volcanic Caribbean island is known for its year-round tropical climate, warm welcome from the inhabitants and iconic Mount Piton. Countless adventure activities await, including beaches surrounded by palm trees, excellent cuisine, nightlife like nightlife, deep-sea fishing, rum tours, and rainforest trekking.

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