Upload Documents

Upload soft copy of below mentioned documents and get your visa


Passport Front

  • Upload colored passport copies.
  • Passport should be valid 6 months from the date of entry in UAE.

Passport Back

  • Upload colored passport copy.


  • Upload photograph with white background


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Get Your Visa

Keep track of your visa status and get visa on mail.

30 Days Stay Single Entry

Validity 59 Days

  • You can enter UAE once and stay for maximum 30 days from your first date of entry.
  • You have to enter within 59 days from your date of visa approval.



Note : If you apply visa form today .Processing usually takes 05-08 Working Days


After the submission at embassy, it usually takes 2-3 working days. Please note no visas are processed on Friday and Saturday.

Cancellation can only be done till the time documents are not submitted to embassy. Post submission there is no cancellation and refund.

  • Once a booking is confirmed, we will send the application to embassy as per your departure date (30 days before departure).
  • Embassy usually takes 2-3 working days to approve visa, in case additional documents are not required.Visa will be shared across on mail.
  • Once visa is approved, we will process OTB if required except OMAN AIR, For OMAN AIR, OTB will be processed by ticketing agent.

We are not charging any fee for OTB, it’s an complimentary service provided by holidayondiscount.

  • Below are the list of documents that needs to be uploaded:
  • Colored passport front/back copies.
  • Photograph with white background.

UAE issues e-visa, so we will mail you once your visa is approved. You can also download it from Visa section.

Flight tickets are not required for visa processing. However we would require flight tickets before departure to check whether Okay to Board is required or not. If required we will process at no additional cost except OMAN AIR, For OMAN AIR, OTB will be processed by ticketing agent.

If the application is not submitted to embassy and cancellation is done, we will only refund visa embassy fee.

If Okay to Board is required, we will send the request to airline once your visa is approved. Please note that airlines usually approves Okay To Board 24 hours before departure.

Below are the list of documents required at immigration: – Original passport. – Print out of your e-visa

No, original passport is not required for processing. Upload only soft copies of the documents and get your visa.

Validity is the time period in which you have to enter UAE. Once you enter, you can stay in UAE for a max of 30 or 90 days basis the visa type selected.

No, you will not be able to cancel your visa and hence there would be no refund.

Visa is required for all except if you have a valid US visa.

Okay to board is a requirement by airline and is required only in 10% of the cases. Okay to board depends on airline in which you are travelling and if you have ECR stamp in your passport.

You can re-apply,however chances of approval would not be that high. We usually don’t reprocess the applications which are rejected previously.

Airline usually approves OTB 24 hours before departure.

Yes, we support only pdf,jpeg,jpg,png. We prefer scanned copies for fast processing.

If you stay beyond your validity you will be penalized with 1000 AED.

UAE embassy accepts visa whose departure is within 30 days form the current date. But you can apply at any time and remove the burden of Visa. holidayondiscount will send the application before 30 days from your departure to ensure that it is valid at the time of your travel.

Yes, visas can get delayed if photo is not uploaded with white background.

You can apply for visa anytime at holidayondiscount. However, we will only sent the documents to the embassy for processing 30 days before your departure so that the visa is valid at the time of your travel.